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My Dear Killer


My Dear Killer was born in 1999 from the worries of Stefano S, a scientific researcher who earns his living trying to discover the biophysical secrets of photosynthesis. Since the early 90’s Stefano was part of several bands of the italian underground scene, since then, his work has led him to a life in the Albion.

My Dear Killer was for a long while a purely theoretical band based on a fragile architecture of dreams, wishes, suppositions and hypothesis. For a number of years he produced songs comprised of undigested habits and whispers, spread by the methods of ancient secret societies. Passing demos from hand to hand and via the record label he co-founded: Under My Bed Recordings.

My Dear Killer was born as project aimed at collecting minimalist song-writing, stratified on a mesh of noise, ambient and field recordings. The songs are built around few fragile chords and whispered vocals, often drowned in a sea of feedback or accompanied by field recordings and they are intended to be listened on (possibly biased) audiocassette, ideally in a parked car, by a frozen lake. My Dear Killer first LP, “Clinical Shyness” was released in 2006 despite having being recorded a few years earlier. The record is characterised by what might appear a rather improbable combination of a landscape of noises and feedback overlaid on top of the soft, melodic, guitar arpeggios and buried murmured vocal, yielding an extremely personal sound at the border of noise and alt-folk.

During 2012, after six years spent in three different countries trying to discover the biophysical secrets of photosynthesis, My Dear Killer returned with a brand new set of songs, which compose the new album “The Electric Dragon of Venus”.