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The musical path of Marco Bernacchia aka Above the Tree started with classical training when he was a kid. He soon discarded those notions favouring a personal research on noises made by instruments.
Through repetitive beating and scratching on his small guitar he started researching for sounds which translated the action/contact with the instrument in something that he found interesting and captivating.
Beside his solo project Marco also played with other people in noise band, discovering the pleasure of volume, but still, it’s in personal research that he aims to find his own psichedelic world through the sounds he can make with his guitar and the use of found sounds and voice.
Minimal Love is Above the Tree’s second album and it’s fuelled with dreamy tracks reminding of minimal blues, folk structures and popular melodies. All tracks are apparently unbalanced, disturbed by background noises almost giving a live feeling. Minimal Love is Above the Tree’s attempt to join togheter concrčte elements with old blues and psichedelia. If applying ratios and proportions to music makes sense, then we should write
Above the Tree : Animal Collective = 8-bit : 32-bit .

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