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Be Maledetto Now!


Be Maledetto Now! is the duo of Be Invisible Now! and Maledetto/Nihil is Me (former guitarist of post-hardcorers With Love). Their first work as a duo was released on cassette in 2006 by LongLongChaney/8mm Records. After three years where they continuosly jammed and recorded togheter they are now releasing their first proper album called Abisso del Passato, which is separated in two parts, the first comes on a 180gr LP and the second on a limited edition CD.
Instrumentation used is mostly analogue synthetizers and effects, plus some treated guitar and objects.

The main inspiration behind BMN! music is old sci-fi literature and movies ( Forbidden Planet and itís marvellous pre-moog soundtrack above all) both as entarteinment and as social criticism like in Philip K.Dick works. Itís the idea of science fiction of yesterday, seen through nowadays future perspectives, the reverse of retro-futurism.