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FaravelliRatti is a duo comprised of Nicola Ratti (guitar) and Attila Faravelli (computer) who play with a tower of different prepared speakers and a taper recorder in between them. The idea is to fed speakers with different languages in the same space and have them resonate with the phisical space. Every speaker is prepared and positioned so the resonance can be controlled by the players, moving their bodies around the sound totem in between them. Their live set represent this idea, of building a single music machine for two players which resonates in the actual space at a present time, without thoughts and memories.

Nicola ratti Born in Milan in 1978, began his musical career as guitar player. Lately his approach is more focused on beat-analog experimentation. He released three solo works on labels such as Anticipate and Preservation. He is a current member of the Morriconian soundtrack-band Ronin and forms a duo called Bellows with Giuseppe Ielasi which released a record on Kning DisK. He also collaborated in various live performances with Dean Roberts, Oren Ambarchi, Phill Niblock and Rhys Chatham. He performed live in Europe and North America.
Nicola Ratti on the web

Attila Faravelli Born in 1976, he recorded his first solo work (Underneath the Surface, released on the italian Die Schachtel label) after significant experience gained as a composer for theatre, dance, silent movies and art installations. His music is mostly based on the assemblage of sounds collected in different times, places and produced with different techniques, rather than the result of an architectural principle. Sounds are free to attract or reject themselves in accordance with their own nature. In his live set and when collaborating with other musicians he plays a self made Max/Msp patch through eight different prepared speakers, in the attempt to give acoustic complexity to abstract or prerecorded sounds. His recent collaborations are with Nicola Ratti and with Andrea Belfi, with whom he released a record on Die Schachtel under the moniker Tumble.
Attila Faravelli on the web