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Luciano Maggiore & Francesco fuzz Brasini


Francesco Fuzz Brasini Francesco “Fuzz” Brasini, guitarist and sound researcher, has been working in the musical world since the end of the 80’s, exploring different musical genres and instruments. His desire to search for his own personal sound is at the base of his interest in sound experimentation. This desire has led him to delve deeper into the tecnical and manufacturing characteristics of musical instruments to the point of making his own series of prototypes of guitars, basses, valve-amplifiers and analog effects. His research is based on the creation of spatial effects and sound textures with an approach that is far from didactic and conventional schemes. With Sevenguitars and Strings Resonance, his latest solo projects, he has participated in a lot of festival and events, as Ipercorpo (Forlì), Fies Factory One (Dro) and Audiovisiva (Milano). He has collaborated with Giancarlo Bianchini (AZT-Hotel Nuclear), Luciano Maggiore, Pietro Riparbelli and Dario Neri experimenting the interaction between different instruments and approaches.

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Luciano Maggiore
Luciano Maggiore (Palermo 1980) lives and works in Bologna. Musician and filmmaker, he develops immersive experiences in which ephemerality, illusion and monumentality coexist, contributing to the creation of perceptual displacements. Luciano Maggiore's music is strongly related to the use of magnetic tapes as well as of various kinds of electrical devices. His performances are characterized by a strong impact in terms of volume and quantity of information which is created by the interaction between speakers, ear and architecture. Beauty, contemplation, relationship between sound and architecture, acoustic illusions, improvvisation, continuum, concrete and electroacoustic music are the pivotal points of his practice along with a multitude of unsaid concepts which emerge progressively from his performances. He his part of Phonorama, an improvisation ensemble with a flexible structure in which some of the best Italian musicians of the electronic music scene are involved. He collaborates with the curatorial network Xing and is one of the founders of Sant'Andrea degli amplificatori (a small and secret venue for contemporary music). He works or worked, among others, with Angstarbeiter, Auriga, Francesco Fuzz Brasini, John Duncan, Andrew L. Hooker, Domenico Grenci, Sara Pantoli, Dominique Vaccaro, Virgilio Villoresi, Zapruder Filmmakersgroup and Zimmerfrei. His works have been released by Incudine Records, Palustre and Radical Matters.

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