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Luciano Maggiore & Francesco fuzz Brasini


Year: 2012
Record label: Boring Machines

While the previous Chasm Achanés was based on low and rumbling frequencies, Maggiore and Brasini research is now focused on high pitched waves, through which they create a continuous movement of overtones and resonances. Tiny mechanical cracks are heard through the frequency bliss of the first track, a last resemblance of humanity into this otherwordly atmosphere.
The second track has a continuous click, almost a clock, hidden under the microtones of three different frequencies which create another blissful and luminous drone with an ecstatic feeling. When the track is almost coming to an end, a monstruous bass frequency, who lied in the background forever, finally comes in, changing shapes and colours of the drone.
Headphone listening is recommended.


Year: 2011
Record label: Boring Machines

Chàsm Achanés is the result of a common project between two experimental musicians of the fertile Bologna (IT) area where sound/art projects like Xing/Raum, Netmage and Sant’Andreadegliamplificatori are run by a community of forward thinking artist and musicians to create a meeting point for different languages and sensibilities. Recorded in one take at Officina49 in Cesena (IT) this record has been created using tape recorders and several electronic devices (Maggiore) and a number of self-built guitars (Brasini), under the control of Mattia Dallara who gave shape to the sound in the acoustic space from the mixing board.
Chasm Achanés generates a circular temporality in which the listener is invited to remember what the past is and to anticipate what could happen. An infinite presente tense always tending to something else, raising a sufficient margin of uncertainty so that the doubt creep in and let you believe that the repetition might not happen, the feeling that the future is always unknown. A surface of droning minimalism à la Phill Niblock dominates over an instable background made of rumbling frequencies, microtones and small resonances. Chàsm Achanés is like listening to an Oren Ambarchi record with the head in a jar of wasps.