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Fabio Orsi


Fabio Orsi is a young and talented composer from Taranto (Southern Italy), recently revealed in a series of publications received by an enthusiastic chorus of critical approval. In his compositions the languages of popular tradition meet the avantgarde approach, creating an original and charm mix.
Orsi’s music originates with field recordings through which he seeks to capture images in sound inspired by the historic prewar folk recordings made by Alan Lomax. Orsi says he admires the way in which Lomax was able to present folklore not merely as some historic artefact but as “an expression of suffering with a thirst for rebellion”.
Since his 2005 debut, Fabio Orsi has consolidated his reputation as a key figure of the international nu-folk electronica underground with a bewildering yet fascinating series of solo works and collaborations dominated by psychedelically flavoured soundscapes. Orsi creates atmospheric audio postcards with a tangible sense of time and place, utilizing layers of guitars, old keyboards and found sounds, having a keen attention to details, loops develop so naturally that it’s almost impossible to notice when certain sounds are brought in and out.
His works have been released by many different labels around in the world, A silent Place (Ita), Last Visible Dog (Usa), Digitalis Industries (Usa), Preservation (Australia), Porter Records(Usa), Low Point(Uk), Root Don Lonie (Nz), Ruralfaune (France) and many others. He works with many artists, My Cat Is An Alien, Gianluca Becuzzi, Valerio Cosi, Brad Rose, Seaworthy, Pimmon and Mamuthones and his discography is full of collaborations as split releases or proper collaborations.
Fabio Orsi has archieved critique and fans, imposing his name as one of the most promising and representative of the entire Italian and international electronic indipendent scene, his music speak like a deep hole into the ground of loved/hated traditional music, it’s a snatch with the past, watching it from unusual perspective, with deforming lens under coloured lights, music never meets Art, it is something like a hack.
Where the streets are swelling as the veins and the buildings are collapsing, he plants a microphone cold as a needle, he plays naked and old melodies just for lovers.