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La Piramide di Sangue


La Piramide di Sangue is a seven piece band from Turin who play a middle-eastern influenced  psychedelic rock. The project started with the first solo cassette from member Gianni Giublena Rosacroce (clarinet, percussions), a mixture of middle eastern melodies, mediterranean folklore and spiced teas. The thing soon became a full band including members of Movie Star Junkies, Love Boat and King Suffy Generator, with two guitars, two basses, percussions and synths.
Thousands of perfumed rivulets invaded the city streets and met below the Egyptian Museum becoming stronger and melting
into furious kraut anthems. La Piramide di Sangue is a mosaic of meditative and restless sounds with no sonic boundaries which embrace spores of psychedelic rock of all ages, mediterranean cultures and wah-wah explosions.