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Mai Mai Mai is a solo project by Toni C., also member of the noise-rock outfit Hiroshima Rocks Around and the spastic- pop duo Trouble vs. Glue. He also runs the NO=FI Recordings label and co-runs the Dal Verme Club in Rome.
Mai Mai Mai is the materialization of a travel in time and space. Born on a little island of the Aegean Sea around 30 years ago, Mai Mai Mai since childhood followed his parents around Europe and the Near East, assimilating the different cultures, atmospheres and sonorities of the places he was involuntarily taken to.
Short periods of time which were intense enough to leave indelible traces. This project is the transposition of those experiences into music and sounds: a mix of drone and ambient, steamy and phat beats, field recordings and soundscapes which lead to ancient and arcane ages, on the border between east and west.
In this space/time travel Mai Mai Mai seeks for a story, an identity, a face.