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Zone Dèmersale


Year: 2015
Record label: Boring Machines

These four tracks, electronic/ambient with slight excursions into techno territories, find their principal references in Coil and Nurse With Wound, as well as in Incunabula by Autechre. Its end is to describe a particular type of experience that can be defined as mystical-explorative, where the subject, following an initial introjection of the cosmos in its wholeness, reaches a contemplation of the logical order of “the external", until it frees itself into the particular experience of the opening of the world.

The work's title is directly inspired by ancient Greek thought, specifically Aristotelian speculation on what goes beyond sensible perception.
The disquieting proximity of the umbra, brightened by the experience of investigation, is made possible by the hypnotic work done through looper (Echoplex) and analog synths (Moog). Starting from the indefiniteness of the subject just to end in a peak of fullness is itself the reason for the exploration of the imperceptible.