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Paul Beauchamp


Paul Beauchamp began his musical career at the base of the Appalachian Mountains in the early 90s experimenting with tape loops, field recordings, found objects and improvised instruments performing in the art group Diviner. 
After several years of activity in the home taper scene he co-founded the international artist/musician collective Radon which went on to record and publish such diverse acts as Smegma and Steve Mackay as well as his own Radon resident tribal/industrial/noise group Sikhara with whom he traveled extensively touring America, Europe and Asia non-stop for several years. 
His interest in sonic manipulation and experimentation has taken Paul from the aforementioned tape loops and field recordings into the world of synthesis and computer generated music as well as further research into acoustic sources such as harmonica, musical saw and Appalachian Dulcimer, instruments he now uses in his performances as a solo artist in addition to several international theatrical and musical projects in addition to playing with the groups Almagest! and Blind Cave Salamander, groups that have formed as a consequence of his relocation to Turin, Italy. 
During the course of these events Paul has had to opportunity to collaborate with a myriad of influential musicians in the studio, live and improvised composition including Johann Johannsson, Colin Potter, Steve Stapleton, Jochen Arbiet, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo and Julia Kent.