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Adamennon started in 2006, as a black ambient project, a tribute to the french scene of "Les Legions Noires". His sounds was a blend of black metal sonorities from the early nineties and the most obscure dark ambient, drone and industrial sounds.
Starting from 2010 the project evolved towards different musical styles, keeping its focus on the dark end of the musical spectrum. The biggest influences were italian Prog music and dark sound from the seventies which lead to Adamennon's first new work entitled "Nero" (2011). While working on his SFR Studio from 2011 onwards, Adamennon had the chance to explore the possible coesion between melody and noise, organs litanies and synthetizers, through his work as a producer or guest in other bands like Saturnine, Black Temple Below, Liturgia Maleficarum and others.
In 2012 he self-released what can be considered his final evolution in sound from this period: MMXII. The album is different from any previous and it's totally inspired by italian musicians like Goblin, Jacula or composers Fabio Frizzi and Walter Rizzati. The result is a mixture of darkness and shafts of light, analog melodies and synthetic dissonances following the same path towards the unknown which can only be imagined through the sounds which announce it.
In 2014 Adamennon collaborated with Alessandro Parisi for "Il Plenilunio del Fuoco" which marked a new interest in electronica and Kosmishe Music and it's broadening his collaboration with Alessandro Parisi.