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1997EV is an experimental psychedelic post-apocalyptic project born in the late 90's and led by Andrea Ev.
Since the beginning, the project focused into experimenting several heavy-on-drones and drum machines recordings, flowing from both a surreal trance-impro style to a subliminally cosmical free-pop-folk industrial song.
It is with "dead.ends.sinful" in 2006 that the project faces an upward progression onto a more abstract and methaphysical sound, a fusion of atonal and hypnotic acid-rock and psycho-folk, a kaleidoscope of pseudo-digital suites and ectoplasmic sub-lunar projections.
1997EV following efforts refocus towards even outer recesses and post-technological wanderings. Anguish then becomes an immanent existential tone.
1997EV has been seeding its tight sonic sound for years showing the spell of interacting within the deep wall of sound resulting on stage and is assisted live by Janlux Derlist and Tzii.  In their continuous drifiting in their spaced out music, 1997EV have no idea of where the hell they're going! Or maybe they have!
They have so far played several european venues in Geneva, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Bruxelles, Paris, Zagreb, Lyon.