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Bertoni Boccardi Mongardi


Alberto Boccardi
Engineer and electronic musician, Alberto Boccardi got his BA in aerospace engineering at Politecnico of Milan and his diploma at the International Academy of Music at Milan conservatoire. He released records for Fratto9 under the sky, Oak Edtions, Important records (Cassauna), Monotype/Catsun and a collaborative 12″ split with Lawrence English (fratto9 under the sky – Jun13). He has played guitar for Ben Frost in the performance “Music for 6 guitars” (MITO festival, MIlano – Sept 12). He has toured intensively in Europe, Russia and North America playing among the others with Lawrence English, Barn Owl, Mika Vaino, Lorenzo Senni, Nicola Ratti, Attila Faravelli, Witxies.

Paolo Mongardi
Drummer since his childhood, he is characterised by a very versatile but focused, powerful and extremely plastic drumming. He has played with many rock/alternative bands from italian underground scene such as Jennifer Gentle, Snowdonia, Transgender and also collaborating with Bill Laswell and Eraldo Bernocchi (Sigillum S). Actually he plays with ZEUS!, Fuzz Orchestra, Fulkanelli. He has toured supporting Retox, Oneida, Melt Banana, Lighting Bolt and many others.

Antonio Bertoni
Antonio plays electric bass since his teens in different genres from jazz to experimental rock. He studied classical double bass at the Piacenza Conservatory with Leonardo Colonna and piano with Umberto Petrin. He attended the Ravi Music College of Birmingham studying tabla and hindustani music with Pritam Singh. He practiced improvisation with Barre Phillips, Gino Robair, Thomas Lehn, Roberto Dani, Ingar Zach and many others. He has released for Leo Records, Longsong Records, Rogues Records, Ultrasound Records, Important, Kohlhaas.