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Be Invisible Now!


Be Invisible Now! is the solo project of Marco Giotto from Italy. During the nineties he has played in several different bands from guitar improv (Apple Pillar) to hardcore (Cheswick). Giotto has also recorded guitar sessions for Italian post-hardcorists With Love (now on GSL Records) for their album "I Love Cul The Sac" in 1999. His latest experience in a band is from 2001 with d.EVIL, a deviant hard-psyche band turned recently to garage-noise-rock.

Giotto’s first solo work as Be Invisible Now! was the self-titled 2002 ep featuring two long tracks where he clearly marks the influence of his recent passions for the cosmic couriers and the anologue electronics recorded in the mid seventies from bands such as early-era Tangerine Dream, Kluster/Cluster but also the sonic research of Dick Raaijmakers and more recently Sonic Boom.

Giotto is also a member of the Be Maledetto Now! project, a duo of him and Nihil Is Me/Maledetto (With Love guitarist Andrea Giotto). They have a split cassette out on the micro.label 8mm Recs/Long Long Chaney and a partecipation on the DVD compilation "Infinite Mind" released by 8mm Recs/Canedicoda.