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Satan Is My Brother


Satan is my Brother is a quintet hailing from Milan with members coming from different musical experiences, among them the chamber rock ensemble Yellow Capra (Piloft Records).
The instruments played from the band are drums, bass, trombone, keyboards and sax with layers of electronics going in and out of the mix and sparse vocals samplings.
Their first self-titled album is the soundtrack of a movies they shoot at night driving on the Milan-Turin highway and it's the screening of an endless night, Lynch's Lost Highways in a mental loop, sense of paranoia induced by the city living.
It's a slow and groovy mixture of dark ambient and free jazz, a dark tunnel with no way out, scratched by electronic noises.
The album comes in an extra dark handmade gatefold sleeve and total black cd, a black pearl for your ears and your eyes.
In 2011 the band releases a new record, inspired by the silent movie "L'inferno (Milano Films, 1911)" one of the first experiments of italian cinema.

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