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Expo'70 is the solo project of Justin Wright da Kansas City,Missouri.
He played for some time with diverse bands in California while residing there (Living Science Foundation, Electric Sky) ant then he founded Expo'70 with Paul Kneejie on bass and effects and Bryan Levine. Moving to Kansas City Justin takes Expo'70 to the shape of a solo project experimenting with guitar drones and producing many CDrs that got nice reviews and distribution through Acquarius Records.
During 2007 he released the album "Animism" on Kill Shaman of former bandmates Paul and Bryan, the label released also limited editions LPs for a split with Rahdunes that Justin recorded in his studio.
In 2008 Expo'70 got in touch with our man Be Invisible Now! and the idea of doing a split togheter was pretty natural due to their common passion for analogue sound and Carpenter's horror soundtracks.
The album is released in July 2008, through Boring Machines in Europe and Kill Shaman in North-America.