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The 2016 round-up

It's the end of another year, a great one indeed.

2016 has been dedicated to celebrations at Boring Machines, now in its tenth year. I re...[Read more]

November new releases

We told you that 2016 would have been a crazy year. We have three new releases coming up in few days and they are all amazing.
The third and fi...[Read more]

Ongapalooza in Milan and Turin

Celebrations for the tenth year of Boring Machines continue. After Rome, Modena, Berlin, we're now taking over Milan and Turin with two great line up...[Read more]

new album from Mai Mai Mai in October

There will be official announcements soon, but we're happy to announce that Mai Mai Mai has completed the third album of the Mediterranean Trilogy. <...[Read more]

September new releases

Ready for the holidays, sunscreens and long queue at the airport? Good.
While you prepare for the Summer we work on the next releases that are o...[Read more]

Ongapalooza Berlin w/Occulto

Celebrations for the 10th year of Boring Machines continue. After Thalassa and Musica Nelle Vall...[Read more]

Thalassa IV - Ongapalooza

Thalassa IV - Ongapalooza has been an emotional rollercoaster. The number of lovely friends that crowded the venue, the twelve concerts of...[Read more]

2016: ten years of Boring Machines

Boring Machines is ten years old. Not bad considering how fast things change in recent years and how some project which are labeled as unmissable, un...[Read more]

The 2015 round-up

Dear friends and supporters,
this past year literally flew by and looking back at what happened here at Boring Machines I can say "it was a very...[Read more]

2015 playlist

We listen to a lot of music here at Boring Machines HQs. A lot of it is from releases we're planning/working on but we're also avid record buyers. Th...[Read more]

Everest Magma: old friends, new music

Everest Magma is the new project of our old friend Rella, also known as The Woodcutter who already has three releases with us. New nam...[Read more]

Heroin in Tahiti - Sun and Violence released today

Go get it!
...[Read more]

New artist and Satan's comeback

We already mentioned in our 2014 round-up, Pondfire by Paul Beauchamp was our favourite release of the year, even though it was not properly released...[Read more]

Heroin in Tahiti are back

After the fortunate release of the mind-bending album "Death Surf", which shaped the most drugged-out/slowed down kind of surf music, ...[Read more]

Squadra Omega plays Lost Coast

Shot against the backdrop of California's most remote coastal region Lost Coast is a personal quest for transcendental values in troubled times and a...[Read more]

The 2014 round-up

Dear friends of Boring Machines,
another year has come to an end, and I would like to share with you some thoughts on the days we...[Read more]

Father Murphy new 7

After spending six months touring US, Canada and Mexico, Father Murphy has returned to base for a while.

They just release...[Read more]

New releases for the fall

Our favourite season has started, and we're ready to release some new beautiful records.

The first couple of releases sees ...[Read more]

Red Desert Chronicles ( postcards from Ravenna )

In 2008 I released a record for Adriano Zanni, under the alias Punck, titled “Piallassa ( Re...[Read more]

Valentina D'Accardi for Maurizio Abate

The new album from Maurizio Abate "A Way to Nowhere" is released later this month, in collaboration with our friends at Black Sweat Records...[Read more]

Happy New Failure

Dear friends,
another year has passed and a new one is rolling in.

We will begin this new one with a new exciting release from our f...[Read more]

Next live shows

Follow our artists in their wandering around the boot


[Read more]

DuChamp Trenitalia Tour

DuChamp will embark soon on a small tour around Italy, named the Trenitalia Tour as she will be trying to fight against all the dangers of using publ...[Read more]

Occulto Magazine issue e available

We just came back from Occulto offices in Berlin with a big box of the new issue e for you. Yo...[Read more]

the 5LP bundle is back during holidays!

Dear all,
Boring Machines is taking his very much deserved holidays for twenty days or so. While we're out of town, we thought to re-enact our w...[Read more]

Satan is my Brother back on the track

Satan is my Brother is waiting for this hot as hell (pun intended) summer to end. Meanwhile in a secret fresh location they're preparing to go back o...[Read more]

be prepared for a very special release

We're very happy to be working again with one of our favourite artists.
We're working on a very special release that should be ready for the en...[Read more]

Solar Ipse issue #6 with Boring Machines compilation

Dear italian friends, Boring Machines has curated a compilation of tracks for the new issue #6 of Solar Ipse fanzine.  Solar Ipse is almost a small b...[Read more]

incredible LP & CD 5 pieces bundle for sale in the shop!

Dear friends, 
May 2013 marks the seventh year of activities here at Boring Machines. We're having lots of new releases, including the second pressing of the fortunate LP from La Piramide di San...[Read more]

new releases: BeMyDelay & DuChamp

We are finally ready with the latest releases, two fabulous vinyls from two fabulous ladies we love: BeMyDelay and DuChamp[Read more]

new release: My Dear Killer - The Electric Dragon of Venus LP

We are very happy to announce the release of the new My Dear Killer LP. This is his first full lenght since "Clinical Shyness" we released back in 2006.
Once again, Stephano's songs are full of ...[Read more]

New artist and great comebacks

We have been waiting for almost seven years. Seven years of delayed recordings, country changings and other though stories. But he's finally back. We're talking about My Dear Killer, the first artist ...[Read more]

Surgery week discount

Dear all, this coming week we're stuck at home for a little surgery, and we have plenty of time to keep up with your sweet orders.
To help you helping us filling our time, we just set up a dou...[Read more]

Christmas surprise is here

Dear friends,
as previosuly announced, we have a big surprise for X-mas. No more beating around the bush, here it is:

Squadra Omega - Squadra Omega + L...[Read more]

Fall releases

Dear all,
the fall/winter season will be pretty intense, with a number of great records released on vinyl.

November 26th will see the debut album from Turin trio HOW MUCH WOOD WOULD A...[Read more]

new Majirelle albm available through our shop

As some of you may know, a part of the italian region around Modena and Ferrara has been hit by an earthquake early this spring. Our great friends of...[Read more]

crazy August sale at Boring Machines

Holidays finally came and we decided to set up an August sale to make room for the incoming fall releases. You have the chanche to buy some great records, ...[Read more]

Heroin in Tahiti selling out fast

Heroin in Tahiti "Death Surf" is the fastest selling record we've ever had 'round here. The first edition is almost sold out in three months, get your copy while we have some.
Boring M...[Read more]

Summer releases

We have two wonderful new releases coming up this summer, very different and both very intense.
La Piramide di Sangue - Tebe LP is the first record of this septet from Turin which plays psychedel...[Read more]

crazy spring promotion!

Dear friends,
to make room for the new upcoming releases for Boring Machines, we just decided to set up a crazy offer on our current titles through our webshop.
We have titles from a great ...[Read more]

Father Murphy new LP & CD and Father Murphy special

Father Murphy has just released a new album on Aagoo Records and it's their best to date. We are very proud of them and we just received a few copies of their latest LPs and CDs to distribute through ...[Read more]

Fabio Orsi italian tour

Fabio Orsi will be touring Italy from April 6th (it's also it's birthday and the first anniversary of the release of Wo Ist Behle on Boring Machines) to April 15th.

here's the dates where ...[Read more]

New Releases

A new release is set to be ready on early April: Pagetos by Matteo Uggeri, Luca Mauri and Francesco Giannico.

Pagetos is the fourth instalment of the ‘Between the elements Quadrilogy...[Read more]

sold out items and re-pressings

Last year has been fabulous, and the word about Boring Machines spread so far we couldn't believe it, despite the internet.
A bunch of records are now sold out from our shop, you can probably sti...[Read more]

Winter super sale!

Dear friends,
our favourite season has finally come and Boring Machines HQ are drowned in the flatland's fog.
While we work hard in our warm office on the 2012 releases we want to make some...[Read more]

Occulto Magazine issue √-1 is now available

Occulto explores new possibilities in the popularisation of science in connection to other fields such as the visual arts, parascientific theories and history of ideas.
[Read more]

New releases for the fall/winter announced

After some very relaxing holidays with fresh weather, good friends and tasty drinks, we are ready to announce what we are about to release in the next months. As usual we will travel through our taste...[Read more]

Two new split 7" to be released in the Summer

While we are planning all the fall/winter releases, we couldn't help but release something lovely also during summer. We have two splt 7" coming up with four of our fave bands:
My Dear Killer / ...[Read more]

Heroin in Tahiti to play Tagofest

Heroin in Tahiti, a duo from Rome we enjoy a lot, is set to play Tagofest 7 in Massa at Tagomago on Saturday 2nd of July. Don't miss the chance to see them live with their death surf. We really love t...[Read more]

Satan is my Brother "A Forest Dark" out today!

We're very pleased to release Satan is my Brother's second album, entitled "A Forest Dark". The album was born as a soundtrack for the silent movie "Inferno (Milano Films, 1911) one of the first itali...[Read more]

New releases for spring

We are very pleased to announce the release of the new Fabio Orsi album "Wo Ist Behle" on Boring Machines and the debut solo album of Marcella Riccardi (Franklin Delano - Blake/e/e - Massimo Volume) a...[Read more]

Mamuthones reviewed on The Times

Good reviews come and go, some stays forever. It is pretty rare that an indipendendent project gets the highlits of the most important English newspaper, but here it goes, in The Times words: "Curren...[Read more]

new artists for the new year at Boring Machines

2011 has just started and we have a lot of juicy news for our friends/supporters: Squadra Omega and Fabio Orsi are joining our family with two new re...[Read more]


Mamuthones is back with an unholy racket of an album that sees him supported by a real (and somehow improbable) band formed by longtime associate Ma...[Read more]

Luciano Maggiore & Francesco fuzz Brasini joins Boring Machines

Luciano Maggiore and Francesco Brasini are two experimental musicians/artist working in the experiment...[Read more]

Philippe Petit, again

We are releasing a new record from Philippe Petit in January 2011, this time teaming with the greek trio Chapter24. The records comes from a live co...[Read more]

New EP for Father Murphy

With a title like "No Room for the Weak", Father Murphy are set to release a new EP in November 2010. The title comes from the lyrics of "Day of the ...[Read more]

Bachi da Pietra - Insect Tracks ( LP + DVD )

Bachi da Pietra (literally Stoneworms) have been invited from Francesco Donadello to do a recording sessions using only the most sophisticated monoph...[Read more]

FaravelliRatti / Andrea Marutti & Fausto Balbo

FaravelliRatti is a duo comprised of Nicola Ratti (guitar) and Attila Faravelli (computer) who play with a tower of different prepared speakers and ...[Read more]

Future releases

The incoming Spring brings new releases and new collaborations. We will be releasing records for our friends Attila Faravelli/Nicola Ratti togheter w...[Read more]

Philippe Petit on Boring Machines w/K11

We are very pleased to welcome in the Boring Machines family two great artists we truly respect: Philippe Petit from Marseille, 25 years in music, an...[Read more]

Claudio Rocchetti and Mamuthones join Boring Machines

The Fall/Winter season sees two new entries on our roster. Claudio Rocchetti is one of the most active noisers of the recent years, he released reco...[Read more]

Luminance Ratio: electroacoustic is a matter of perspectives

On October first we are releasing the first fabulous journey of a trio called Luminance Ratio whose members brought their musical background to serve...[Read more]

Be Maledetto Now!, a record from outer space

Forty years after the first moonlanding, Boring Machines relaunches the space race, aiming at further planets, Jupiter and beyond the infinite. "Abis...[Read more]

Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monserč France/Benelux tour

Jessica Bailiff and Annelies Monserč started collaborating togheter during a tour in 2006. Since then, friendship and mutual admiration brought the p...[Read more]

Be Invisible Now! plays music for the video installation of Apparati Effimeri

Be Invisible Now! has recently created music for the video installation of Apparati Effimeri on a great scale performance. The projections were made on the Rocca Malatestiana walls in C...[Read more]

Above the Tree - Minimal love

Spring sees a new artist joining Boring Machines. Marco Bernacchia aka Above the Tree releases his second album Minimal Love on May 31st and we are v...[Read more]

Fuzz Orchestra - Comunicato nr.2

Boring Machines, togheter with Wallace Records, Bar La Muerte, Escape From Today and Dizlexiqa is proud to release the new awesome record from Milan ...[Read more]

FATHER MURPHY new release on Boring Machines

We are very happy to announce that our great friends Father Murphy has joined the Boring Machines family. After many releases through their own Madca...[Read more]

Punck featured on The Wire Tapper #20

We are very happy to announce that our man Punck has been selected from The Wire staff to be featured with an excerpt from his latest record Piall...[Read more]


Boring Machines new releases

This hot summer is full of great news for Boring Machines, we have two brand new records coming out and, needless to say, they are fantastic.
[Read more]

Be Invisible Now! on tour with Sonic Boom

WSS Promotion is booking from Aprile 30th until May 7th the italian tour for Spectrum aka Sonic Boom from the glorious S...[Read more]

New artists and new releases 2008

2008 starts with a bunch of very good news for Boring Machines. We are happy to announce two new artists in our roster, Whispers for Wolves and Expo'...[Read more]

Bob Corn limited LP

Boring Machines togheter with Madcap Collective, Smartz Records and <...[Read more]

Satan is my Brother record released

Starting from today the new self-titled album from Satan is my Brother is available worldwide on cd. Bass, drums, sax and trombone plus layers of disturbin...[Read more]

New artists and new releases

Summer's hot but we have already next fall in our minds. A bunch of good news for Boring Machines: we proudly have included the obscure band SATAN IS M...[Read more]


New album for Be Invisible Now!

On May 1st Boring Machines is releasing "Neutrino", the first album from Be Invisible Now!. Neutrino is a 40 minutes concept album, based o...[Read more]

My Dear Killer news

My Dear Killer had totally restiled his Under My Bed website. You can now download for free a digital split-e...[Read more]

News from Jessica Bailiff

Some fresh news from the beautiful Jessica Bailiff. Morc Tapes from Belgium is releasing "Old Things", a collect...[Read more]


downloadable mp3 from My Dear Killer

Being on Christmas period our boy My Dear Killer has just put online a special cover of italian singer Francesco DeGregori "L'uccisione di Babbo N...[Read more]


Jessica Bailiff European tour

Jessica Bailiff is soon touring Europe togheter with Annelies Monserč. From November 22nd to December 5th there will be some shows around Europe prom...[Read more]