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FATHER MURPHY new release on Boring Machines

We are very happy to announce that our great friends Father Murphy has joined the Boring Machines family. After many releases through their own Madcap Collective they chose us as the first label to take care of their music and we are proud to release their second album ...and He told us to turn to the Sun. The album is to be released on December 1st on CD in a special de-luxe packaging in two different colours, red on black and black on red. The artwork is an original idea of Vihn n'Go and the layout is from Be Invisible Now! at Sons Of). Think of Gnostic masses, kabbalistic chanting, chiming little bells, tinny Gregorian-like drones played on toy-keyboards and the subtle but inescapable influence of 70’s Italian horror rock acts like Jacula and you will have some of the ingredients that make Father Murphy’s music. Have you ever heard Swans, This Heat, Nirvana and Low altogheter? Try and listen to Father Murphy. The record will be out in a limited edition on cassette through our friends at NO=FI Recordings soon, and also on a limited edition LP, more news soon on this..

Father Murphy on myspace