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Fuzz Orchestra - Comunicato nr.2

Boring Machines, togheter with Wallace Records, Bar La Muerte, Escape From Today and Dizlexiqa is proud to release the new awesome record from Milan based trio Fuzz Orchestra. Free guitar/drums structures enriched with noises, old crackling vynils and movie samples is what you get, in a powerful mixture of sabbathian riffs and cinematic feelings. Their first record had a theme around resistance and anti-fascist movement, this second one is all about social fights, with great samples from a 1971 social-horror movie "Hanno Cambiato Faccia (They changed their faces)", which drew parallels with vampires and modern industrial businnessmen. Farsighted enough.
The new album comes in a 180gr lp with enclosed cd in a luxury packaging. Musically and Phisically important.

Fuzz Orchestra