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FaravelliRatti / Andrea Marutti & Fausto Balbo

FaravelliRatti is a duo comprised of Nicola Ratti (guitar) and Attila Faravelli (computer) who play with a tower of different prepared speakers and a taper recorder in between them. The idea is to fed speakers with different languages in the same space and have them resonate with the phisical space. The album comes in a very nice LP edition, limited to 200 copies, in collaboration with Coriolis Sounds.
"Detrimental Dialogue" is the collaborations between two long running electronic musicians of the italian experimental scene: Andrea Marutti and Fausto Balbo in which they explore all kind of electronic synthesis, both analogue and digital, additive and subtractive, granular, phase distortion and FM.
The new CD, co-produced with Afe Records and Fratto9 Under the Sky comes in a deluxe package including a poster, the artwork is curated by Stefano “Sicksoul” Rossetti and it’s the perfect image for what’s inside the record: once again Space is the Place!