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Bachi da Pietra - Insect Tracks ( LP + DVD )

Bachi da Pietra (literally Stoneworms) have been invited from Francesco Donadello to do a recording sessions using only the most sophisticated monophonic technologies from the Fifties. The outcome is a live record called "Insect Tracks", divided into a day (without public) and a night (with public) section, and a movie, directed by Luigi Conte, witnessing the experiment by tracking its course.
These insect tracks are the result of audio takes by Francesco Donadello and video takes by Luigi Conte and Rizoma Film, recorded on July 19th, 2009 at the Teatro Dimora all’Arboreto in Mondaino. Tracks were recorded on analog tape, read by a Studer A80 tape machine and directly transferred on record by Roberto Barbolini in Bologna, in January 2010, using a Neumann VMS70 lathe and a SX74 cutting head.
Boring Machines, Wallace Records, Bronson Produzioni and Rizoma Films collaborated for the release of this luxury LP+DVD on a gatefold sleeve.