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New releases for spring

We are very pleased to announce the release of the new Fabio Orsi album "Wo Ist Behle" on Boring Machines and the debut solo album of Marcella Riccardi (Franklin Delano - Blake/e/e - Massimo Volume) as BeMyDelay.
Both records will be available in April, respectively on April 6th (Orsi's birthday - do him your best wishes) and April 8th.
"Wo Ist Behle" is Fabio Orsi's first record since he moved to Berlin and it sounds both glacial and psychedelic, the combinations of the memory of the hot summer days in Salento and the neverending Berlin winter.
BeMyDelay first output "ToTheOtherSide∆" is a collection of psychedelic songs, circular singing over guitar looping, a gentle trip for the mind.