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New releases for the fall/winter announced

After some very relaxing holidays with fresh weather, good friends and tasty drinks, we are ready to announce what we are about to release in the next months. As usual we will travel through our tastes delivering what we liked most through them.

Rella the Woodcutter - I Know When It's Time To Get The Fuck Away  CDEP
Five tracks of psychedelic blues with influences both from the recent nineties storm (Palace, Songs:Ohia, Smog)  and the fathers of them all from forty years before.

Heroin in Tahiti - Death Surf   LP
We told you we loved them. Here they are with a full lenght as promised. Death Surf: think of watching some spaghetti western on a caribbean beach with a frozen Daiquiri on your hand, while they're doing nuke tests in the background.

Simon Balestrazzi - The Sky is Full of Kytes   CD
Simon Balestrazzi should need no introduction. He founded T.A.C. (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata) in 1982 and has bee pioneering the italian industrial scene since then. His passion for sound synthesis and exploration brought him in recent years to develop a research in electro-acoustics, both in duos, trios and also in solo. This is is first solo album on Boring Machines and we're very proud of it.