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sold out items and re-pressings

Last year has been fabulous, and the word about Boring Machines spread so far we couldn't believe it, despite the internet.
A bunch of records are now sold out from our shop, you can probably still find some from distributors or the artists themselves:
BM010 Fuzz Orchestra - Comunicato nr.2 LP
BM012 Morose - La Vedova di un Uomo Vivo CD
BM013 Above the Tree - Minimal Love  CD
BM023 Andrea Marutti/Fausto Balbo - Detrimental Dialogue CD
BM025 Father Murphy - No Room for the Weak CD   ( we still have few copies of the 10" version )
BM034 Father Murphy/How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood - split 7"

Two records are being re-pressed soon:
BM009 Father Murphy - ...and He told us to turn to the Sun  LP
BM022 FaravelliRatti - Lieu  LP