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Summer releases

We have two wonderful new releases coming up this summer, very different and both very intense.
La Piramide di Sangue - Tebe LP is the first record of this septet from Turin which plays psychedelic rock with middle-eastern influences. Rooted on Stefano Isaia's (Movie Star Junkies) clarinet, the tracks build from perfumed arabic tunes growing into an infernal maelstrom. Ace.
Tebe is a co-production between Boring Machines and our friends of Sound of Cobra.

Luciano Maggiore and Francesco Brasini return with their second CD on Boring Machines. After the 35 minutes track of Chàsm Achanés, the duo stretch their sonic meditations longer with two tracks spanning over 50 minutes of obsessive sonic details. The artwork features a wonderful piece of artist Cristian Chironi.