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Fall releases

Dear all,
the fall/winter season will be pretty intense, with a number of great records released on vinyl.

November 26th will see the debut album from Turin trio HOW MUCH WOOD WOULD A WOODCHUCK CHUCK IF A WOODCHUCK COULD CHUCK WOOD?. The record is released in cooperation with our great friends at Avant! Records.
The music of their self titled album is a mixture of dark (darker) folk, reverbs, drones and ghostly voices. They released a song on a split 7" togheter with Father Murphy which is now out of print and they were one of the bands invited to play Occulto Fest in Berlin.

In early December we will join forces with our friends at Black Sweat Records to release the first full lenght of ETERNAL ZIO, a quartet from Milan, comprised of Rella the Woodcutter, Maurizio Abate, Raubaus and the mysterious Valla.
They spent all the hot summer playing long jams in their basement and then extracted six tracks which vary from quiet invocations to the gods, to explosions of almost tribal mystical elevation.

Expect more news soon on other upcoming releases, another great debut and a pleasant return.

Go to gigs, stay with the music