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Christmas surprise is here

Dear friends,
as previosuly announced, we have a big surprise for X-mas. No more beating around the bush, here it is:

Squadra Omega - Squadra Omega + Live at OutsideInside  2CD
Hand-printed and hand-numbered in a edition of 89 copies.

This double cd features:
cd1 - Squadra Omega
Previously released on vinyl by Holidays Records and on cd by Boring Machines, this record is now out of print.

cd2 - Live at OutsideInside (full concert)
Live at OutsideInside was previously released by Xhol Records in an edited version on a one-sided vinyl. Now it has been restored to its original lenght.

All comes in a beautiful hand-printed and hand-numbered gatefold with grey Murillo paper.
Artworks by OmegaMatt, hand-printed by Squadra Omega & Boring Machines.

All copies are different!

To order it, go to our shop

Go to gigs, stay with the music.