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New releases for the fall

Our favourite season has started, and we're ready to release some new beautiful records.

The first couple of releases sees two beloved friends of Boring Machines who already donated us great music in the past: Simon Balestrazzi and Pietro Riparbelli.

Simon Balestrazzi and Monica Serra forms Dream Weapon Ritual, a duo which investigates free-form music that draws equally from droning electronica soundscapes and imaginary folk visions. The new LP "Ebb&Flow" sees a cast of great external interventions from Donato Epiro, Massimo Olla, Antonio Gallucci (Architeuthis Rex) and more.

Pietro Riparbelli, also known as K11, teams up with Michele Ferretti (Nubilum) with this new duo called Zone Démersale. The project is about philosophical reflections on reiterated sounds and speculations on what goes beyond sensible perception. "Motore Primo" is a one-sided 12" of immersive ambient/techno music.

Both records are set to be released in November. More news soon for other great releases.