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The 2015 round-up

Dear friends and supporters,
this past year literally flew by and looking back at what happened here at Boring Machines I can say "it was a very good year" (cit.)

I had the chance release my favourite record of the year before, Paul Beauchamp's "Pondfire", thanks to the cooperation of two good friends, Vasco from Old Bicycle Records and Matteo of Neon Produzioni, which is one of the craziest persons I met during this year. God give him good strenght!
Some artists I already released, Satan is my Brother, Squadra Omega and Heroin in Tahiti made three powerful comebacks, Heroin in Tahiti has found its way on the market better than any other release without too much PR fuss and I am glad that so many people around the whole globe wanted to grab a copy from us. Distributors wake up a bit and don't expect from us to beg you.
Also the Boring Machines family has broadened a bit with some new young artists entering the roster and an old friend presenting his new project: Adamennon and Altaj stepped aboard with a great split that is promising for the future, while our friend Rella who has a number of releases on Boring Machines under the disguise of The Woodcutter, left behind the bluesy guitar in favour of broken circuitries and almost-danceable raw beats. His music as Everest Magma is different but the quality is high as it ever was.

I remained an avid music buyer, in any format, some addictions are hard to leave behind. I've been asked from a magazine to condensate ten titles from the past year, you can see it here.
Sorry it's in italian only but the titles are there for everyone.
Many are the concerts that left a mark during the year, Thalassa Festival in Rome and Atonal in Berlin have been two special occasions. Also, the triple-bill of (r), Paul Beauchamp and William Basinski in Rimini was especially intense.
I was glad to continue my partnership with the great magazine Occulto, curating once again a compilation for their new issue.

pros: despite getting older, I'm not getting wiser and I still look forward to keep on making silly things like travelling six hours to see a forty minute gig. Without having the funds (or the intention) to use PRs, to be able to get Boring Machines releases noticed here and there still surprises me, as it seems that nowadays there's more musicians than listeners.
The birth of the new magazine Prismo, which started as a promising good read, with a new(?) style.

cons: postage insane rise-up is definitely a pain in the ass, every year more.

hashtags of the year are the same of 2014, pigs remain pigs and you have to go to gigs.

Bye bye 2015 and welcome 2016.
I wish everybody a great year, with your friends and favourite music around.