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Ongapalooza in Milan and Turin

Celebrations for the tenth year of Boring Machines continue. After Rome, Modena, Berlin, we're now taking over Milan and Turin with two great line ups. Milan will be hosted by the fine folks of Santeria on November 19th and 20th while Turin appointment is at Magazzino sul Po, one of the best venues in the city. We would like to thank in advance the organizers and we invite you to come because it will be epic.

This is the Milan event, with an incredible line up with Everest Magma, Satan is my Brother, Simon Balestrazzi, Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or (new LP release show), Mai Mai Mai, BeMyDelay Quartet, Adriano Zanni (Punck), Nana Bianca djset.

A month after we will be in Turin with Von Tesla, Satan is my Brother, OvO, Everest Magma, La Piramide di Sangue, Luca Garino djset. Here's the flyer.