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New artists and new releases 2008

2008 starts with a bunch of very good news for Boring Machines. We are happy to announce two new artists in our roster, Whispers for Wolves and Expo'70.
Whispers for Wolves is the solo project of Melissa Moore from Baltimore,MD psych/folk/noise played with guitars, voice, electronica and self-built instruments. Melissa played in different festivals and sound installations in America and Europe, her present work is an intersection of sound, sculpture, and installation . The album will be available April 2008.
Expo'70 is a krautrock son, his guitar style is very meditative and droning and has achieved critical acclaim in recent years after many different releases on cd-r, cd and lp with different labels. His similar tastes in music with our Be Invisible Now! suggested us to have them share a split release. One man behind synths and machinery, the other one expanding sounds with guitars and effects. The album will be available on April 2008, released by Boring Machines in Europe and by Kill Shaman (Gowns, Die Princess Die and others) in North America.