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Boring Machines new releases

This hot summer is full of great news for Boring Machines, we have two brand new records coming out and, needless to say, they are fantastic.

Expo'70 vs. Be Invisible Now!
is a split album between Kansas City,MO resident Justin Wright and our "invisible man". They got to know each other through the infamous myspace and they immediatly felt they were in the same wavelenght about what they were doing in their music. What a better occasion to release a split album full of long drones and analog circuitry with superkraut drumming or epic/psychedelic guitar solos? This is a co-release with the american Kill Shaman, which is Expo'70s label in the US and will spread the word on the other side of the ocean.

Another new entry in our boring family we are really proud of is Punck aka Adriano Zanni from Ravenna. He released records fo great electronic labels like Afe Records, Creative Sources and Setola di Maiale and it's a great joy for us at Boring Machines to announce the release of Piallassa (red desert chronicles), his most personal and romantic record to date, dedicated to Michelangelo Antonioni who set in Piallassa valley his great movie Red Desert in 1964, same year and same place where Adriano Zanni was born.

As usual our record come in a gatefold sleeve with artworks curated by the artists themselves.