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Luminance Ratio: electroacoustic is a matter of perspectives

On October first we are releasing the first fabulous journey of a trio called Luminance Ratio whose members brought their musical background to serve the electro acoustic investigations of acoustic spaces and instrument properties. Andrea "Ics" Ferraris (UR, Ulna, Airchamber3, Sil Muir) with Gianmaria Aprile (UVMMS, Fratto9 Under the Sky) and Eugenio Maggi (Cria Cuervos) have built an organic textre of acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic instruments in search of the perfect balance between the sources. The result is a record at the same time delicate and phisical. The recording sessions have been then put in the expert hands of Paul Bradley who, starting from the same sources, is giving a different perspective on the results, in a long track which resembles the trio's own version.