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new artists for the new year at Boring Machines

2011 has just started and we have a lot of juicy news for our friends/supporters: Squadra Omega and Fabio Orsi are joining our family with two new releases for the coming spring.
Squadra Omega is a free/kraut/space-rock band revolving aroung Andrea G8 (With Love, Be Maledetto Now!) and Mojomatt (The Mojomatics). The line-up counts up to three drumsets, two sax, guitars, bass and synth for a maelstrom of magmatic sound. Our great friends at Holidays Records has just released their third record on LP+7", Boring Machines will release the CD version in the coming spring.
Fabio Orsi, from Taranto, Italy, is very prolific but, since his solo record "Osci",every solo record or collaborative one (with Gianluca Becuzzi, Valerio Cosi, Mamuthones) he has never missed the point. His interesting balance between experimentalism and melody, organic sounds and processed ones has gained him the international praise of most of the critics and audiences. Now relocated to Berlin, he just graced our ears with a new set of hazy, psychedelic and cold tracks that reminds the feeling of when you spend too much time watching the snow in the sun.