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A new release is set to be ready on early April: Pagetos by Matteo Uggeri, Luca Mauri and Francesco Giannico.

Pagetos is the fourth instalment of the ‘Between the elements Quadrilogy’ which begun in 2007 as a collaboration among the well-known ‘industrial master’ Maurizio Bianchi/MB and the experimental musician Matteo Uggeri. The first two chapters (Nefelodhis, which means ‘cloudy’, and Erimos, ‘desert’) were released in that year by Cold Current and Digitalis Industries.
Kapnos (‘smoke’) followed in 2009, as a collective effort by Meerkat, “the Italy's finest in the fields of ambient, electronics, microsound, post guitar” (as Frans De Waard wrote). The last and definitive chapter Pagetos is now released on Boring Machines.

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