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crazy spring promotion!

Dear friends,
to make room for the new upcoming releases for Boring Machines, we just decided to set up a crazy offer on our current titles through our webshop.
We have titles from a great variety of italian artists who received great appreciation all over the globe, and you can choose between any available title.

From now on, until May 15th you can get huge discount on packages of 5 CDs or 5 LPs of your choice.
Here's the prices for different geo-zones, all the price are SHIPPING INCLUDED!  (airmail)

nr.5 CDs for 35 euro (Italy)
nr.5 CDs for 38 euro (Europe)
nr.5 CDs for 40 euro (US, Canada)
nr.5 CDs for 45 euro (Australia, Japan, China, India, South America)

nr.5 LPs for 55 euro (Italy)
nr.5 LPs for 70 euro (Europe)
nr.5 LPs for 85 euro (US, Canada)
nr.5 LPs for 95 euro (Australia, Japan, China, India, South America)

how to order:
1. go visit our shop: http://www.boringmachines.it/shop.php
2. look at the titles you want
3. send a direct paypal to: andrea.onga@tin.it  with the sums indicated above
4. write in the notes the titles you want to receive and your address
5. for mixed or special orders, write to: onga@boringmachines.it , tell me what you would like and I'll be happy to prepare a special deal for you.

Thanks for your support!

Go to gigs, stay with the music