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Heroin in Tahiti are back

After the fortunate release of the mind-bending album "Death Surf", which shaped the most drugged-out/slowed down kind of surf music, mixed with Morricone perfumes, Heroin in Tahiti announced a monster double album.
Anticipated by the releases of the 7"  "Peplum" on Yerevan Tapes and the cassette "Canicola" on NO=FI Recordings, "Sun and Violence" is the new long playing from the Rome duo.

This time, Heroin In Tahiti abandon the freaked out approach of the previous release, for an almost prog-infused sequence of psychedelic folk dances, spacey tarantellas, twangy guitars, black market hymns and Joe Meek-style homages to the sinking of Costa Concordia.  An epic journey into the abyss of Mediterranean psyche, “Sun And Violence” is easily the most ambitious statement from
the authors of “Death Surf”.
The double album is set to be released in April this year, once again it will be a Spaghetti Wasteland.