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2016: ten years of Boring Machines

Boring Machines is ten years old. Not bad considering how fast things change in recent years and how some project which are labeled as unmissable, unforgettable and unbelievable, last the span of a season.

I plan to release a lot of stuff this year, and there will be also some surprises and celebrations, called Ongapalooza.
Some parties have already been defined, do not miss them if you live or are travelling in the area:
March 31st - April 1st/2nd : Rome - Thalassa IV: Ongapalooza @Dal Verme Club
May 27th/28th/29th : S.Martino Spino (MO) as part of Musica nelle Valli Festival @Barcsòn Vecc
June 3rd/4th : Berlin (DE) - Occulto presents Ongapalooza @West Germany

New releases for the first part of the year are:
My Dear Killer - Clinical Shyness  ( 10 years special CS reissue - with Old Bicycle Records, Under My Bed Records )
1997EV - Love Symposium Alien Spider   LP
Passed - Illuminant/Glory   12"  ( first 99 copies have a laser etching on b-side )
Bertoni/Boccardi/Mongardi - Litio  LP
Everest Magma - Gnosis  LP

In addition to regular releases, there will be four special releases, coinciding with solstices and equinoxes (Coil anyone?). They are extremely collectable LPs released in only 10 copies.
No information on the artist name, no titles, no images, no digital previews. Sleeves will only have the number 10 in four different colours to mark the four different releases.
Beautiful new music for a tiny group of believers.

My friend Adriano Zanni aka Punck, whom I released a record and a boxset of photos, made this video for me and the ten years of the label.  Take a look at it, it answers a lot of questions about Boring Machines.

And oh! another small surprise to celebrate the tenth anniversary: for the ones who slept on it when it was the right time. I hate seeing records I released being sold on Discogs for 50 euro, and as a lot of people asked me how to get a copy of Death Surf from Heroin in Tahiti, i decided that along the year I will make a small batch of the original LP, so that the money goes to who deserve it and not to some avid faker.
Keep your eyes open because next time will be in ten years, maybe.