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September new releases

Ready for the holidays, sunscreens and long queue at the airport? Good.
While you prepare for the Summer we work on the next releases that are once again incredibily good to our ears.

On September 23rd we will release two new LPs:

Everest Magma - Gnosis
"Gnosis" is the second album from Everest Magma, if you missed his first "Modern/Antique" you can still repent and get it here. Once again it's a beat oriented album, this time less nervous and more spaced out.

Bertoni/Boccardi/Mongardi - Litio
“LITIO” is the first album from the project composed by Alberto Boccardi (electronics), Antonio Bertoni (double bass) and Paolo Mongardi (drums).
The four tracks are slowly developing and re-shaping, from free form drums to ambient textures. Hypnotic and repetitive elements are put in contrast with nervous percussions and abrasive sounds, with atypical double bass feedback or noise in the background.