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November new releases

We told you that 2016 would have been a crazy year. We have three new releases coming up in few days and they are all amazing.
The third and final chapter from Mai Mai Mai's Mediterranean Trilogy is entitled Phi and will be out on vinyl for Boring Machines and on tape on Not Not Fun. The trilogy started with Theta on Boring Machines and then with Delta on Yerevan Tapes.

We're very happy also for two new entries in the Boring Machines family: Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or from Sardinia and Amklon from Naples.
Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or is the main output of the sardinian collective Trasponsonic, their new album is a maelstrom of ancient rituals and modern industrial psichedelia, it's absolutely amazing and we recommend especially to see their breathtaking live acts. Pure psycological violence.

Amklon's music is the point of meeting of so many seemingly irreconcilable worlds: an architecture of dark synthetic sounds and avant-gard noise floating on atmospheric textures and confessional voices. The result is a complex system of unusual forms, which barely contains a substance made of organic and nonorganic sounds.
The guitar sources are treated through the electronics, creating a continuos flow of tension and movement.
Itís a desertic and gloomy experience, a descent into the dark corners of sound.