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New artists and new releases

Summer's hot but we have already next fall in our minds. A bunch of good news for Boring Machines: we proudly have included the obscure band SATAN IS MY BROTHER in our roster.
More precisely it is a quartet, hailing from Milan, Italy which plays a slow&groovy mixture of dark ambient and free jazz. Their new album will be ready in October.

September sees another jummy news anyway: MY DEAR serial KILLER. It's a collection of 3 ep housed in a 3" cd with 3 songs each. It's a limited edition, no need to say it, of 33 copies.
Inside the three eps you can find unreleased songs, alternate versions and a cover of Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls! You can get simply dropping a line in our mailbox

We still have to define the exact release date, probably early 2008, but just few months after the fantastic "Neutrino", which is getting positive reviews anywhere, BE INVISIBLE NOW! is coming back with a split album togheter with EXPO'70 (from the US) another kraut droning master.

Stay tuned and have a nice summer!